I Was listening to music and Bradley was nodding to my music for a minute. It was Beautiful!

i would think so!

titanswithnoprivateslivein221b: Yes, hello, I would like the Alpha!Merlin please.

alright alright alright lol. like i said, there’s just a handful. i think i might be missing a few too :/

here you go!

thank you bb <3

you’re welcome bb! :D

myrandomnesslife: okay so i have a weird question. do you read a/b/o dynamics and if you do, do you have any alpha!arthur and omega!merlin recs? c:

bOY do i ever man. i love a/b/o. there’s also a handful with alpha!merlin if you ever decide to want those ;]

(most of these have knotting btw for all you other followers)


merlin rewatch with emackens | gifset per episode - 1.076 The Gates of Avalon.

"It’s Avalon. It must be. The land of eternal youth. Mortals are only supposed to glimpse it the moment before death.

merlin rewatch with landofmerlingifset per episode - [0107] The Gates of Avalon.

You would think that the appeal of pelting the same person with fruit would wear off after a while, but, oh, no!

This town deserves a better class of criminal and I’m gonna give it to them.

newberried: SO I HEARD ALL ABOUT THIS NEW THEME OF YOURS AND I HAD TO CHECK IT OUT OFC goddangit alexa 12/10 A+ would visit again (ʘ‿ʘ)

TASSSSSS!! wegkbharbkg lol thank you <33333333

kingswarlock: your theme is perfect. stoooop.

thank youuuuuuuuu <33


Anonymous: I came to see what all the hype about the theme was. Then I had to go take a cold shower. Thanks.

you’re quite welcome.