but I still love him I don’t really care

a short summary of my life

england wont fall. go for it. an icon is an icon and also now i want to see what the new icon is :D

are you positive about that?

i haven’t made one yet, but i might! i was looking at an old graphic maker’s icons and she had really beautiful icons and i was tempted to use one. i might use one. i might make one. i haven’t decided yet lol

Anonymous: November 21st

November: Aside from Lancelot, which knight do you think knew about Merlin’s magic?

  • gwaine, he was closest to merlin and definitely noticed things about him.

21: What’s your favorite Merlin persona?

  • i’m thinking this is assassin/dragoon/dolma question……..so assassin!merlin for sure, then dolma lol
haha it is an amazing pic but tbh, your new icon will probably be better. you can change your icon and keep using this as a reaction pic???

the new icon would be more ~quality lol, but using it as a reaction pic isn’t as fun haha

nomical replied to your post:i wanna change my icon, but i don’t wanna lose my…

Maintaining brand recognition vs omg new picture. I know that game all too well

it’s a game only the best can succeed in.

You will lose your identity & life as we know it will be chaos.

and i just can’t do that to you guys. can’t be responsible for that.


i wanna change my icon, but i don’t wanna lose my default reaction pic to ridiculous asks and replies.

Anonymous: hey, idk if you're still doing these, but my birthday is December 12th (character A could be Morgana and character B could be Gwen? maybe? or whatever you want to do)

December: What did Character A get Character B for Christmas? (fill in the blanks hehe)

  • morgana for gwen…..hmmmmmm. something either terribly girly like a trip to the spa or something embarrassing like penis lollipops and make her open it in front of everyone.

12: What would the Merlin’s tumblr be about?

  • i already answered with ‘arthur. who are we kidding. literally text posts and pics about arthur.’ but there’s a more creative answer by ghostpendragon here.

send me your bday!

Anonymous: June 15th

June: What’s your favorite noncanon ship?

  • gwaine/elena - even though they’ve never met lololololol

15: What would Gwen’s tumblr be about?

  • she’d have a fashion blog for sure, centered around the metal jewelry she makes herself. and she’d be kinda hipsterish with like pics of flowers and nature thrown in there haha. idkkkkk.

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